Youngboy associate indicted in Gee money murder case !

According to the advocate, NBA Youngboy associate has been indicted in the murder of rapper Gee Money. Deandre Fields is accused of killing rapper Garrett Burton aka Gee Money outside a recording studio in September of 2017. It is known that Feilds was interviewed following the death of Burton. He recalled telling his mother to leave their home in Baton Rouge because he had feared retaliation. He also told detectives that he drove to hammonds the day of the shooting to get gas. They later found out he was not in Hammonds and in Baton Rouge the day of the shooting. He also tried to get rid of the gun that was used to a group on Jeffersons Ave.Which then detective found shell casings that matched the shells found at the scene. His phone records showed that he called members from that group a couple hours after the shooting. He can faces mandatory life in prison if charged in the shooting death of Gee Money. Click link for more information.

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