Bronx cop shot dead

A bronx cop was shot dead after a tussle with a man.

What happen ?

Well according to Daily news , 33year old cop Brian Maulkeen and his partner apprehended a 27year old man. At the Edenwald houses on 229th drive north near Laconia ave. The incident took place this morning around 12:30am , the 47th precinct where he actually works is right across the street.

They were patrolling the area when they seen the 27 year old run off so they chased after him. They then caught up to him and thats when things turnt for the worst. When they were struggling with the man on the floor. They have a body camera recording with Brian yelling “he’s reaching for it ——-He’s reaching for it”. He was shot 3 times & 5 other cops shot the 27year old man killing him.

Twitter post from 47th precinct

Maulkeen later died at Jacobi medical center. They recovered the 27 year olds man 32. Caliber revolver at the scene. Brian Maulkeen had almost reached 7 years on the force. He also had a girlfriend who worked at the 44th precinct.


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