Actor Stacey Dash Arrested on Domestic violence charge !

Actor stacey dash was arrested on domestic violence charges and she is claiming self defense !

How was she Arrested?

According to TMZ , it is known that she was arrested in Florida on 500$ bail. She actually was in an altercation with her husband and she claims that her husband had attacked her first trying to choke her. She claims she defended her self and which it resulted in her husband having scratches on his arm , and she was arrested.

Stacey called the cops but her husband had the marks which is why she was arrested. Her husband is Jeffrey Marty , Stacy called the cops about 7:45pm. What is known is that he is actually a lawyer and this is stacey fourth time being married. She was held for a 24 hour cool off period. There is a body camera video that was released to TMZ. ( click here)

Mug shot of stacey Dash by TMZ
Her Husband Jeffrey Marty By TMZ


What do you think of this Situation? Do you feel she was Acting in self defense?

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